Pagan Animistic Vision – Emma Restall Orr – Quote

The Pagan animistic vision perceives all the world to be imbued with life energy. Where that energy flows, it forms patterns of spirit, with each day and current finding its own identity, its individual journey, its intention of flow; the cohesion of its being, we might call its “soul” or “consciousness” albeit perhaps far removed from anything we might humanly proceed. As the soul journeys, upon its way it leaves footprints: trails of its creativity, of its physicality and mortality. Every body of water, of bones, fur, or feathers, of bark and sap, every mountain and breath of wind, is an expression of spirit, utterly sacred.

Emma Restall Orr, “The Ethics of Paganism: The Value and Power of Sacred Relationship“. Pagan Visions For a Sustainable FutureLy de AnglesEmma Restall Orr & Thom van Dooren, editors.

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