That Moment…

Its that moment when you wake up and realize where you are in the world around you. When you cease to see the world in the mind-numbing perspective handed to you by the corporations and governments that are so prevalent around us – and start to see the world in the bright, vivid manner in which it is meant to be seen.

I cannot count the number of times I have heard this expression or others similar to it over the years. Implying that I was walking around in daze – unaware of the world around me. Blind to everything. I completely understand the sentiment around all of this.  That in changing the manner in which you approach your daily Path, that you are “awakening” to a new reality. That the cloth has been lifted from your eyes, and the bedazzling brilliance of the light overwhelms your visual senses until you can adjust to these new sensations. I’m just not in the “believer’s camp” on this one. Perhaps its just the way the metaphor is worded and implied that baffles me or hammers a dissonant register for my hearing. My wording is a bit different, as well as the description of that “moment”… I view myself as a piece of a puzzle. laying in the heap of puzzle pieces, I struggle to see where and how I fit into the entire scheme of the final product. How does my singular piece equate to being able to provide the entire picture, as seen on the box? But, when my piece is linked to another – and others are linked to it from mine, I get that feeling of being a part of the entire makeup. That the entire picture has come more into focus. Confused a bit? What I am describing here is what a lot of other folks refer to as the “Aha!” moment with their spiritual practices and choices – when the individual finds what they were searching for that helps them along their Path. In my opinion, this particular moment is extremely important – and can be experienced in many different ways. Mine was a lot slower than most folks that I have talked with about this. In my puzzle piece description – my experience went on over the course of fourteen or sixteen years. I knew I was a Pagan – I just was not sure which Path was more appropriate for me. Something to ponder for a bit.  What were you experiences in this matter?  Or have you had an experience as such?? How did you choose to walk on your Path?  What brought you to it? Whatever that was – is it still a part of your life??

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