Thoughts on Summer….

its nearly July. Here in Texas, that means the hotter months of the Summer are nearly upon us. That’s triple digit heat (Fahrenheit scale), mixed in with some medium to high days of humidity. That equates to some blistering summer temperatures that will be on the way. This also brings the mid-way point in the one hundred and sixty-two game schedule for Major League Baseball – one of the few sports that I truly enjoy watching and playing (when my aging body allows it). This year, also brings the joy and agony of World Cup Futbol as well. So far, my favorite team – Germany – is still in the tournament. Later today (Monday) – I will find out if they continue. The other team that I root for – the Socceroos (The Australian team) had a tough time in the Group Stage and failed to advance. Still, it was fun to watch them play.

Summer also bring time for me to catch up on my reading. Currently, I am a bit behind on the schedule I had set for myself over at Goodreads. However, that’s all right – I remind myself that its not about the quantity of novels and books that I read – its about the quality of what I get from those books that matters most. Currently, I am working my way through The Mabinogi” by Patrick Ford. I am not really conversant with Irish, Celtic or Welsh mythology and legends. I am far more comfortable reading Roman, Greek, Far Eastern, and First Nations legends and mythology. Thus, my speed here is a lot slower than I had thought it would be. But I am learning through my readings.  And for me, that’s far more important than speed.

Summer also brings my yearly vacation – which I just finished. It was a trip to Disney with a secondary trip over to Cape Canaveral to see the shuttle Atlantis. Aside from the inevitable rude people that can be found in any crowded venue, and the long queues…it was enjoyable. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as the trip last year to Glacier National Park, but I am an outdoors type of person. Plus, I do not feel comfortable in any large gathering of people – so the crowds at both Disney and Canaveral were a bit unsettling as well. Not sure what the plans are for next year’s trip…but there was talk of a trip to England in two to three years time.

Speaking of Summer rituals and doings – I need to set out to accomplish one another Summer ritual. Happens about every two weeks or so:  mowing the yard.  ::sigh::


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