Zoning Into Nothing

Today has been about de-stressing myself. Just two days back from a vacation and I am already over-stressing things. I have a classroom that I need to put together tomorrow. I have a yard in desperate need of mowing. There are bills that need to be paid and a slightly under-funded bank account to go with that. There’s this group of people that need my attention for a short bit. There’s that bit of training that I need to get completed for the college I teach at. There’s Emails from here and there. There’s my own lessons on Druidry that I need to continue on with. The cats want my attention. There’s dinner to cook. There’s dishes to clean up. There’s laundry that needs to be done. And on and on and on.

This afternoon – I stopped. I just stopped doing anything. I sat on the couch, looking into the darkened corners of the house…and stared at nothing. And thought of nothing. For nearly two hours. I zoned out. And when I realized I had done that – I also realized I had gone into something close to an empty state.  And it was wonderful.  At least for me. I didn’t get a damn thing done – and it put me behind on several things I wanted to finish…but still, it was a stolen moment for me.

And then I realized something. I needed to build those stolen moments into my day. Just moments where I let the world disappear, and I focus on nothing at all. Just let go. So, now I will be experimenting with this for the next three weeks…trying to see if this helps me relax a bit more. Believe me…with the tightness in my shoulders…I could use as much relaxation as I can get.


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