Finally Home (Travel Day Returning From East Coast Gathering)

Finally Home (Travel Day Returning From East Coast Gathering)

Compared to the fiasco of trying to make it to East Coast Gathering — making it back home was a fairly uneventful time. That, in itself, was a major relief. There truly is nothing more frustrating than missing your flight. But than – that’s certainly life with Trickster Gods. Thanks Crow. Thanks Coyote. I hope ya’ll had a few laughs at my expense.  Yes, you taught me to be more composed in the face of events that go sideways. And to be better prepared for the unexpected. Yeah.

The entire East Coast Gathering was fun – but things picked up a ton when the Bardic grade folks got together during breakout session. I have never seen so many folks tossing out such excellent ideas, and it really opened up everything for great discussions amongst us all during the lunch. And yeah, the bunks were hard and totally sucked for trying to get some sleep. But there was so much more there than the sleep.

But now, I get to come back to earth, just a bit. Tomorrow morning, I have to make two house closings. The house I am purchasing up in Lindsay, Texas (near the Oklahoma border), and the one I am selling here in Corinth, Texas (just north of Dallas, south of Denton). After that, its all about moving. By Thursday afternoon, everything in this house has to be moved out and the keys handed over to the buyers. So life is about to get very hectic and topsy-turvy over the next few days.

I will be transporting all my rocks up to the new house on Tuesday, and setting up my two (!) stone circles. One will be for Kokopelli. The other….well, there will be a blog post about that one. Added to all of this, I will be trying to incorporate aspects of the Comanche spirituality – what little there seems to be known about it. After all, I will be living in their ancestral lands…there’s a connection to be made there. There’s a connection to be explored there as well.

So, speaking of packing – I have some of that to do before I tromp off to bed. Only three more nights at this house.

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