Blog Title Change and Embracing Change

Blog Title Change and Embracing Change

Up somewhat early this morning. The first part of the day begins a new transformation for me – the changing of a place to live. But its not the only change going on. No, I’m not stepping away from Paganism or Druidry. In fact, I will be stepping closer to both. No, the title of the blog has changed from “Footsteps on My Path” to “Life With Trickster Gods“.

Why the change? Well, the point is to be more reflective of how my life runs. Being on a Path is appropriate, but the better descriptive is that Crow and Coyote have such a large degree of influence in my life. Being adopted by two Trickster Gods means that I get to put into practice all the ideas and concepts I learned working in Disaster Recovery within Information Technology. I learn to be a bit more nimble in my thinking, and be capable of evaluating different choices at a moment’s notice. But there’s so much more to both than just being Tricksters…and that’s what I am looking forward to exploring into far greater depth.

Pathway in Mesa VerdeOne thing is definitely for sure…I am not being coaxed out of the shadows and the edges…I am being shoved from behind. This is not about leadership – its about living life to the fullest. And with Trickster Gods whispering in your ear, setting obstacles on your Path for you to overcome…it will definitely be something to not only enjoy, but be frustrated at. And while I believe that frustration can and will cause tears – overcoming that will bring joy, happiness, and a feeling of accomplishment each time — as well as sharpen my mind into being more nimble with solutions.

::raising coffee cup:: I have no idea what’s going to be coming…it may feel like abuse, but there will always be a lesson behind it and a reason for the way the lesson gets presented. Again, these two may be Trickster Gods – but they really are so much more than that. I’m willing to walk down that road, and find out more…

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