Episode 14 – Chris Godwin

On this episode of Upon a Pagan Path, I travelled down to Austin, Texas to talk with Chris Godwin during Austin’s Pagan Pride Day. In the end, we had to hurry off, so Chris could get ready for the afternoon ritual, but during a slight rainfall – we talked quite a bit about a wide range of topics – focusing a lot on ritual. This was by far, the most fun I have had in an interview yet – and Chris provided a lot of wonderful insight into his perspective on ritual. Give it a listen, and enjoy!

Chris is a leader of Hearthstone Grove ADF, which can be found on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/hearthstoneaustin/

The musical feature is Bran Cerddorion with a cheeky tune on consumerism called “‘Tis the Season to Spend Money”.

Brab’s music can be found at his blog site http://paganbran.com/ where you can also find links to many other locations that he is at.

You can reach me via Email at elfster@gmail.com

This episode can be directly downloaded from the following link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/paganpath/UponaPaganPath014.mp3 .  Or you can find the podcast in iTunes by searching for “Upong a Pagan Path” or at the libsyn site:  http://paganpath.libsyn.com

Thanks for listening!!

–Tommy /|\

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