A Staff is for More than Supporting Yourself While Walking

If you take a few steps back in the blog, you will find where I talk about how Crows have essentially invaded my life. And invading is a really incorrect way of saying it. Crows have become companions – in dreams, real life, and spiritually – being claimed by Crow is a really odd, unique, and spot-on experience for me. When I was approached by Coyote, it was through dreams. When I was approached by Crow, it was initially through a dream, then in a meditation, and lastly through the physical world with Crows following me everywhere. It was an odd experience, but has really become a refreshing one, with lots of insights I never would have expected – since I spent most of my time looking at the ground. I was afforded the point of looking up.

Now, I look up wherever I am. And this past weekend, I noticed a lot of Hawks. I traveled north on Thursday to the Kansas City area for my father-in-law’s funeral. On the way, I saw Hawks at every single stop along the way, as well as Hawks swooping down to fence-posts and ledges near the interstate, just before I drove past them. It was as if my Forester had suddenly become a Hawk-magnet, and not the Babe-magnet I always dreamed my over-sized station wagon might be (snark). At the funeral home, a Hawk landed on a headstone near to where I stood, and we just watched each other until one of my step-sons came out to talk. On the way back home, the hawks at rest stops, restaurants, and along side of the road continued.

During the drive home, I decided to forego my traveling music that I had going northward (the new Dead Boxed seat of their concerts in Chicago in July of this year), and decided to catch up on my Druidcast listening. I was five episodes behind, and there was nearly six hours of driving left – so it seemed to be logical. During that drive time, I wound up with several statements about the Hunt…which has been a thematic of my dreams in the not so distant past.

As I sit here typing this blog post – and the next step of writing a journal entry to cover the entire weekend’s events – I realize that the Hunt is about to become a very big research topic. Yes, I associate Hawks with hunting, and with Artemis particularly (don’t ask me why – that’s an association that immediately crops up). So, I see that part of my Spiritual Life are about to get an addition – and one that I never saw coming.

Now, I hate doomsday perspectives. I have never been enamored with Christian preachers that speak of “end times” during their Hellfire and Brimstone sermons. I have never looked at their scenarios as an “end times” concept, but rather as a major schismatic moment in society. And I am starting to see major schisms taking place throughout society. Violence in the name of religious belief. People promoting tags and labels as ways of classifying themselves or others. Politicians making statements of hate against a particular group of people. The voting citizenry of my country – the United States – delightfully eating up the idea of such division as a means of “safety”. I can truly see the cracks within society beginning to grow. And honestly no matter how large or small – depending on region or what have you – these cracks do signify a change in the way many people perceive others.

Regardless, there is a restlessness amongst the world. I feel it everyday when just walking in my neighborhood or at the mall. I hear it in the sounds of the horn of the Hunt in my dreams and meditations. While the issues may not permeate into my area of being – it does no harm to remember that my staff is for more than just walking.

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