A ‘Normal’ Day

A few months ago, a reader of the blog (I know!  I was shocked too when I found out that people actually read this thing!) asked me what a “normal” day was like for me. My answer turned out to be a little flippant in nature, but its an appropriate description from my perspective:

A ‘normal’ day for me is the same boring thing over and over. I try not to have ‘normal’ days.

For me, Monday through Friday provides probably the most routine parts to my life. I get up in the morning, go to work, do work, come home, eat dinner, and eventually go to bed. Fairly ‘normal’ routine, except that things are not normally the same thing over and over again. So I decided to be a little more detailed and provide a lot more introspection to what I do. But when I went to write about all of it, I realized that I might have dug a little too deep, especially when I started noticing that I tried to note every little observation and exception in detail. I wound up with a lot of stuff that I categorized as “who wants to read all that shit?”

The truth of the matter, no single day is exactly the same as the last. Every moment is unique, and there’s always a potential exception waiting around every corner. So, what follows is an attempt to be as general as I can about things, and not slip into too much detail. Some of the things that I do are important to my day, and I have tried to provide a little more detail as to what those are, as well as how I might approach them.

My mornings are typically a mix of Spiritual moments, personal routines, and interaction. Believe me, its not nearly as exciting as that sentence makes it seem. When I first get up, I am greeted by three furry little faces that I always see. Shadow, Gizmo and Kaylee are the cats that own me, and the morning is typically where they want attention. Once I get past these three, my coffee becomes the next moment of the day. Its here that I spend a few moments looking out the window, observing the weather, and greeting the sun’s arrival. Sometimes, I’m there before the sun rises, sometimes the sun beats me to this moment and is waiting. If I happen to have a few free moments (read: I did not sleep in too late), I step outside to my stone circle and spend a few moments in a tree meditation. After this, its typically time to get ready for the rest of the day – whether that be work or something else.

My daily routine varies with each day. Monday through Friday are typically spent dealing with work tasks. Saturdays and Sundays can vary with mundane chores (such as laundry, dishes, yard work, etc) or I can be out walking through my local neighborhood. I live in a small town, so doing this does not take too much time at all, but it is good exercise. Typically, after lunch, I will bring the crumbs of my meal outside for the Crows, Grackles, and Sparrows. For some folks, a Crow is just a Crow. For me, they are a part of the “tribe”. Each one is likely not a manifestation or message directly from Crow, but each one is a part of the Crow tribe for me. Feeding them is a gesture of good will between myself and the tribe.

Evenings are even more wildly varied. For the next few nights, I will spend time watching the World Series games between the Indians and the Cubs. But for the most part, I don’t watch that much TV. I have shows that I record on my Satellite receiver, but normally don’t watch them until sometime during the weekend. Needless to say, I don’t read much about the shows I watch when I am online. Typically, evenings find me feeding the three furry ladies (sometime between 5pm and 6pm), and spending the rest of the night with a book, working on my Druidry studies, surfing online, or working on my baseball database. Yes indeed, I live a boring life. 🙂

When the Wheel of the Year turns to a particular point in time, I do spend time preparing myself for the celebration of that point in a ritual. Putting myself into a proper frame of mind, gathering items necessary for the ritual, and the ritual itself. Sometimes, such as this coming Samhain, I might spend that time with other Pagans. Yes, I am a solo Pagan Druid, but even a singular adherent finds the need for the company of others from time to time.

I know. There’s likely a few folks who are reading this and thinking: “Damn. Being a Pagan sounds an awfully lot like everyone else’s lives.” And you are correct. Pagans are no different than anyone else. Pagans just have different Spiritual beliefs from many other folks. Pagans have a different way of relating to the world around them. There are no gatherings of Pagans coming together to find a way to melt Donald Trump’s Cartier bracelet in the furnace at the bottom of Trump Towers so that he would not dominate the world. Pagans are normally, everyday people too.


If melting a Cartier bracelet in the furnace of Trump Towers would stop the Donald’s run at a presidency. I might be your Hobbit. 😉

Walking on Wild Horse Island in Montana

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