Yah…the Election is Coming to a Close

Well, election day is coming here in the United States. From my perspective, vote how you want to vote (or not at all). You don’t need to explain your choice to anyone beyond yourself. For me, my interest in the election cycle is really starting to wane the closer we get to election day. In fact, for me there’s a lot more important issues to deal with. There’s the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline protest, for one. There is the perspective of working on my own Spiritual Path, and following what Crow keeps pointing me towards. Yes, all of that matters far more than an election.

See, no matter who gets elected, America will continue to function in the form it currently has. The Democrats are not coming for your guns. The Republicans are not going to abolish the Congress and create their own vision of America under a reformed Constitution. There are checks and balances built into the system. Plus, there’s a military that’s sworn to protect the Constitution at all costs. Yes, there are orders to follow the President, but the protection of the Constitution supersedes that. Nearly every military member – part, present or future – will tell you that the oath concerning the protection of the Constitution is the primary mission of the military.

Now, do I fear an election of a presidential candidate with whom I disagree? Not one bit. Do I fear a foreign policy of a candidate I don’t agree with? Definitely. But I also know that Congress and the Supreme Court are the checks against a President that commits combat troops on a whim. Should a government change the rules, illegally amend or suspend the concept of the Constitution, I’ll be one of the first to take up arms to overthrow such a government. My oath of enlistment still pertains, long after I have left the military. And that is precisely why I do not fear a Clinton or Trump presidency. I know that whichever one gets elected, there will be enough eyes on them to keep an abuse of power from happening. And should such an abuse occur, there are many who have sworn to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States as the guiding principles to what this country is about.

So, go and vote for whomever you want. I might disagree with your choice. So what? Its your choice. Make it. Vote it. And remember, you don’t need to justify it to anyone. Except yourself.


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