Magick and Familiar Stones – My Perspective

My stone circle in the backyard is a focal part of my daily Spiritual Life. When I get home in the late afternoons from work, I have made a habit of stopping by the circle and offering a short moment of thanks for the day. Even a bad day. After all, I made it through whatever has happened, and have managed to reach the safety of home. The stone circle is also a place where I do my grounding and centering. Its a place of safety, a place of comfort, and a place of “known energy” for me.

Thinking back, I originally created my stone circle as a place that could look “nice” outside of my backyard window at my previous home. Over time, it morphed from a “nice” thing to look at, to a functional place where I could handle meditations, and that one practice I dread using the most – “magick”.

I am not one to utilize magick lightly or even often. For me, its a tool that I use for bigger needs, and even then I am reluctant to go that route. In other words, I don’t take magick use lightly. Its not something that I immediately reach for. I usually take the time to puzzle out if another tool or technique might not reach similar results. Or to use a different analogy, magick is like a nuclear weapon. I have it in my arsenal, but am reluctant to utilize it because of the immense power that it is, when something else might accomplish the goal through a modified use or in a greater set of repetitions.

When I am talking magick, I am correlating this specifically to spell work. Not that long ago, there was a push to work spells and/or curses against Donnie’s presidency. I decided not to participate in all of that because of the three-fold concept of karmic return. But I also made sure not to denigrate or belittle the choices of others who decided to go in for all of that either. Their choice, their karma.

So, I tend to get a lot of push-back on my stance on magick. After all, its there – why not use it? Again, I point out that I cannot – and will not – choose for others, nor will I look down on those who choose differently from me. I hold magick – particularly spellwork – as a last resort. When I have exhausted every methodology I can think, and then even after I carefully weigh the possibility of its use, magick becomes an option that gets set on the table for me.

Perhaps its just the programmer in me, or maybe the Technology troubleshooter, but I prefer to hold the biggest, baddest tool in reserve until I have tried all other options. For me, its like squashing a fly with a sledgehammer. Just an unequal use of force for the application at hand. And to be honest, when I do decide to utilize magick, my preference is to use it in territory I am familiar and comfortable with. And that would be my little stone circle.


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