So What Gives With the Irish Goddess?

Quite a while back, I mentioned that I had finally been clued in on my long-time flirtation with some Goddess aspect in dreams and meditations. Since 2008, I have had my dreams and meditations interrupted with a woman who stands just outside of the edge of my vision. She beckons to me to come closer, and eventually I find myself at the edge of the thicker part of a forest. She continues to walk deeper into the forest, constantly crooking Her finger at me, and giggling softly. All the time, I constantly ask for Her name and only receive giggles in return. About seven months ago, shortly before I went overseas to Ireland, she provided a name. “Flee-das.”

I had never heard the name before. So it took some searching to find the name. Turns out She is a part of Irish mythology, and Her name is spelled Fliodhas (modern spelling, or Flidais. She is the Irish Goddess of the forest, and as far as I have been able to understand, She is similar in nature to the archetype of the Huntress.

So, I am primarily Germanic in my ancestry, and was a bit perplexed over what an Irish Goddess might want with a German kid (not that I am a kid anymore). And to be honest, I am still in the process of figuring that out. I have started to walk deeper into the forest in my dreams and meditations. I feel the same anxiety as I walk deeper along my Path with OBOD, as I finish my Bardic grade studies and now move into my Ovate grade studies. She still does not answer my questions, but continues to lead me deeper into the forest.

A little over a year ago, I took the DNA test with, and got back results I was quite sure I would get. I’m Germanic. Approximately 40% according to the test. But at first, I never saw anything about an Irish background. Until recently, when my DNA results expanded a bit more. My DNA is 100% European, again not much of a surprise. But as I started going deeper into the breakdown, there it was:


So now I have my answer. There is a trace of Irish there. Now comes the harder part – getting an answer to my question of what is wanted of me. And for that, I am willing to be as patient as I need to be.


2 thoughts on “So What Gives With the Irish Goddess?

    • It was an interesting thing to do….even when I realized the amount of spit I had to give them. LOL But its really been helpful in understanding a lot of things where my own genetic makeup is concerned as well. While I really doubt that Flidais i playing this flirtation game with me just because of my genetics, its helpful for me to understand where my lineage of ancestors have come from….


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