Loving Living

So, over on Twitter, I got a private tweet from a reader of the blog. Their comment was that they would like to see me get back to talking about what I do in my own approach to Druidry rather than what I do not do. That’s a fair cop. I will admit that it is far easier to write from a negative point of view than one of a positive bend. I figure that this is because negative feelings are typically far stronger and far more easily accessible. But that’s better saved for a more psychiatric post that I will likely never write. 🙂

My morning routine has shifted since I contracted pneumonia after my trip to Iceland. Previously, I got up a lot earlier in the day and wandered to the stone circle in the backyard, or if the weather was too bad, I would stand in my office and look out my window at the stone circle. With the weather a lot colder than I care for, I have been cautious about being outside so as not to wake the ol’ pneumonia beast in my right lung. However, I also got into the habit of sleeping for longer periods of time in the mornings, which carries over to today. So my typical morning routine has not been what it was.

I figure that by the time the winter shows up at the end of 2019, I will be better prepared for colder weather, so my morning routines of going outside will change by then. But for right now, I am having to put my old morning routines back into practice. Now, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed in my lapse towards keeping my practices at the forefront, but life definitely got into the way. A few weeks back, I was feeling disappointed in myself for not keeping all of that going during my ten-round fight with pneumonia, but honestly, looking back, I was lucky to pull through all of that without too many difficult issues. I know there were some moments that felt life threatening for me, and that was scary enough. So what happened with my connection with Crow and Coyote?

Frankly, nothing really happened. Nothing really progressed to a deeper spot, nor did anything seem to pull back. I like to think that the Gods may find humans to be boring from time to time, but They are more than aware and cognizant of the detrimental aspects of our own frail health. Seemingly, it felt like everything was placed on hold, and it has not been until recently that I have been gently prodded to start making more forward progress in a few tasks.

Even during my time of illness, I still managed some extremely feeble attempts at personal ritual. Not exactly supersonic stuff, but it took enough of my own personal energy to accomplish. I definitely did not have the personal ability to do much more than super-simple observances. I think it is important to observe and celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year, even when its nothing more than a simple “hail” to the Gods, the Spirits of Place and the Spirits of Ancestor.

So here I am. Stronger than I have been in months. Capable of doing for myself in ways that I had not since before my trip to Iceland. The Iceland trip was eventful and spiritually fulfilling in its own right. The Spirits of Place are very, very strong there. The energies are super strong, and super old. The trip certainly did a lot to strengthen my personal positioning on Polytheism. I had experiences there that I still have not shared with anyone.

So, I get asked enough – how do I live a Pagan life? Well, I honor the Gods. I work with Them. I do for Them. But most important of all, I live my life. I read. I write. I talk with others. I listen. I sit on the back porch with my headphones on, and Bob Weir or the Grateful Dead caressing my soul. Or Motorhead reminding me that sometimes life has to be lived hard and messy. I honestly cannot change who I am, and why would I want to? Even my worst days are better than no days at all…and I certainly do love living.

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