Feed Lemon Ice Cream to the Whales!!

Life on the inter-webs is always a roller coaster ride. There are great days, and there are crappy days….and so very few days in between to keep the incline between the other two types from being so steep. I catch nine kinds of Hell from folks, no matter what position I take on an issue. Given that most of my stuff that I post is largely my opinion, I’m used to being on the open-end of the flame thrower. If you stick your head above the crowd, you’re bound to get rocks thrown at you. Occasionally, one or two will find their intended mark.

Lately, I have been getting blasted for not having the same opinions as other folks – not an uncommon song from the canary in the coal mine. How dare I not slam Trump every chance that I get presented to me. Never mind my point that I wouldn’t slam previous Presidents for the same issues, and I am only trying to keep my perspective from getting too entangled with my outrage over the other stupid shit the guy does. How dare me that I don’t follow along with this or that cause that you are championing?? I should have the good sense to be on the right side, because that’s the side you are on….right? Yes, I have taken fire from folks for not being as into their cause of the moment. Because I dared to not agree with the reasoning that Beluga whales should be fed lemon sherbet ice cream with long, silver spoons.

Well, I am not totally against feeding ice cream to the whales; though I think they would be a lot more appreciative of a large helping of krill or plankton or whatever their normal staple of food may be. But the reason that I am not going to fly over to the whale feeding bandwagon comes down to one thing – its not necessarily tops on my list of things to get completed. I have plenty of things that I have to get accomplished. Both in the course of my normal everyday, boring, mundane life; as well as what I have been tasked with by my Gods. Neither Crow or Coyote are overly demanding, so when I get asked to accomplish something for Them, I tend to do what I was asked for. Plus, I have another Deity that I have been working with as well, and I tend not to discuss Her business, but its stuff that needs to be done – and done by me. That was the agreement. And I stand by my agreements.

Does that mean I don’t give a shit about your cause of the moment? Nope, I sure don’t. What? Hey! I’m kidding!!! No, seriously I am kidding. Typically, folks take it that you are either uninterested in their cause of the moment if you don’t show the same level of enthusiasm as they do or if you show even the slightest point of disinterest. After all, what they are thinking is paramount throughout the world, right? They are thinking about it and sinking every bit of energy into it – the rest of the world should have an equal level of interest. Right?

The reality is that shoving your cause of the moment down the throats of others is a sure-fire way to turn them off to your message, as well as drive them away from any future message you might have. Manifesting and cultivating allies and friends to your cause requires a much lighter touch. Have deep discussions with associated facts, not preaching parties. No one likes a rabid, foaming at the mouth fundamentalist shouting at the room, one foot on the coffee table, the other balancing on the arm of the couch. No one hears what you are shouting, they are more likely wondering if you foot is going to go through the glass-top of the coffee table in the next few moments.

Having those deep discussions, where you show your energy and passion in the controlled but excited manner of pointing out the facts. The whales enjoy the lemon flavored Sherbet, particularly the Beluga variety. And in exchange, the Belugas are willing to setup, manage, and teach Beluga/English language classes. Five scoops of lemon Sherbet will get you a complete one hour lesson. A tub of the stuff will provide you with a lifelong membership to the Beluga tribe!! How exciting!! Is there a ritual involved? Yes? I’m in!! I gotta run to the store….

So, it might be best when pushing your cause of the moment to take a little longer to read your audience. Trying to sell me on voting for Bernie Sanders? That’s as unlikely as three feet of snow on a 100-degree day here in Texas. The whales need lemon Sherbet?? I’ll make a quick run to the grocery store. Tell them to wait until I get back. I hope they like orange, if the lemon flavored ones are sold out…

2 thoughts on “Feed Lemon Ice Cream to the Whales!!

  1. Finding a few things you can really dig in with seems to make most sense to me – it’s easier to sustain, and you get an indepth understanding. It’s a better basis from which to support each other’s causes. Knee-jerk, emotion heavy responses to a constantly changing stream of things to have feelings about just burns people out, and does not get as much done as steady, long term campaigning.


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