Wishing You a Fulfilling Morning

Morning. I can only wish to understand it enough to wish you a full day, but a full day is going to be wished for you on this this side. 🙂

A new day is always filled with a lot of choices. One side is always a new one, wonderous and mystic. The other side if always mentioned in a manner that seems to process everything that is good, but it doesn’t put things back together. In other words, a touch of bad luck. Nothing much that can be done about this piece of bad luck, except to try and make it work the best. Its strange how that can be bent some of the time, but it does happen that way. Today is a fulfilling side of the equation though.

Its work to a large part of the day, and brings about a feeling of good but it provides a good part of the day. It seems to be fairly much a bit abrasive, but the creating part of the work is tough. It makes all of this into a world of pushing, pulling in the world around it…but its all set to get things into motion.

A bit later in the day, and its still taking a bit of time. My cats are still boxed up, my tools are still out for use, but the courtesy is still there. I still have some crew members here for usage of the bigger parts of the trouble too,,,my members of the final setup for the time to take into the effort. I am glad that they are here and able to figure out the issues that are still in place – still trying to get things integrated into the final place of getting place. Those final pieces that need to put into place form other perspectives. The final pieces that I can’t get my fingers into the perspective. Soon, all the pieces will be finished, and the hard work will be done.

When the tools are in final place, we shall run a test and see where everything that lies within the final pieces of being done. Then, Pam and I can wait for the final parts that are meant to take place…the true final pieces that we are aware that need to be culminated. The expensive, and truly final pieces. After that, comes the pieces that will need to be completed.

Slowly through all the processes, comes the fruition. The fruition bring the end of the process. The end of the process puts the end of the kitchen which bring the end of the project. Except that it remains. It looks like the recovery will be finished for tomorrow. But all of that is extra stuff. No worries for now. We just need to make it work through the end of the day.

The magick will be next. Also, the movement of everything that will need be needed for the rest of the movement. This house is a sale. We need to put it back together. It will need to be fed, as well as a few other things. Slowly and eventfully…it will become a true home over time….

–T /|\

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