Well, that was a refreshing time at the hospital. For the past four days, I have been at the hospital being checked into a potential issues for health concerns, specifically for failing kidney issues. But this is not the only reason for my medical conditions. I’ve also been checked for slippage into failing conditions concerning my kidney afflictions too. This has clouded my memory issues, including issues related with my own health conditions. I got out of the hospital yesterday after spending four whole days in, spending time over each issue, including the failing health conditions.

My health conditions have been with my in some varying degree from 2004 to today. They are nothing new. They have been with me throughout my days in varying degrees, though I’ve chosen not to talk about them, very much, until now. They are a royal pain in the ass to deal with, especially when dealing with issues such as the last four days, which are really for over the last few weeks. Apparently my these major consequences are truly hard to run away from, and have a tendency to last longer each time that they take place. And sometimes last even longer than I realize that they should. So please excuse the direction that they take.

One of the most simplistic manners in which these moments take place with me, comes from the manner in which I deal with things on a personal nature. Its one of the most difficult and stressful manners in which I can deal with – personal pressures. Particularly, writing and keeping things together. I have managed to keep my personal pressures together by forcing them to live together. I also understand that by keeping those pressures together, that I am putting a lot of spectacles together in manners that don’t work correctly together. I hope to open up a lot more correctly in the future. I work lightly through the footprints of political snow right now, but my memory is getting better ever day. Slowly. I’ll get to where I am able to write about this again. In the mean time, I only ask for your forgiveness. Please understand as I put all of this together as the future goes on.


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