Life Continues On

Hi folks…a little time has passed since the last blog post. But I am still here.

I’ll be scheduled for surgery shortly after Gulf Coast Gathering, so there will be a little time where I won’t post. ::laughing:: Not like I post all the time these days, but just wanted to let you know that this was going to happen. Its a kidney issue, and while I am not real “up” on something like that, it is something necessary. Its out-patient surgery on a Friday, so there is that…but I am not looking forward to it at all. Still it has to be done. There’s not much more to report on my mental or physical health…just that little touch on a kidney operation. Its not something I am thrilled to be doing, but it is something that needs to be done to keep me alive.

Thinking along the lines of something else, there is the coming OBOD camp coming very soon. Likely, I’ll be quite quiet at camp…not like the past camps. My strokes that I had back in Summer of last year have left me feeling a bit down. I can’t remember everyone’s names nor do I feel that I do well in ritual lately. But I’ll try whenever necessary. In a way, this is one of my greatest fears coming to life. Forgetting peoples’ names has been quite common for me over the years, but forgetting the names of friends that I have known for several years is quite a fearful moment. Hopefully, I won’t do that bad. šŸ™‚

Here at the house, life is moving along – quite as expected. I’m still a bit fuzzy on a few things. Given my strokes…that seems to be a common thing. Hopefully, everything will get better soon.


3 thoughts on “Life Continues On

  1. I can relate to the stomach sinking moment where the names of people you have known for years are just… gone. I hope this goes well for you!
    My oncologist talks a lot about how it’s impossible to tell if we recover or adapt, but that both are possible, even if it’s incredibly slow.


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