Hoping Back to My Druidry

Oh boy. The world is full of crazy stuff. From high-flying balloons to an earthquake in southern Turkey….its just crazy this past week. Add to all of that, some of the goings in life right now…its just not something that is in whack. In fact, its something straight out of an insane asylum. But that’s basically life right now, eh?

Part of the daily grind for me comes down to having things to do. Or to put it better, having things to do that will impress me. Life seems a little slow right now. With an impending surgery coming on, life looks a little oblong, but nothing that I will get overly upset about. The surgery is what life is about right now. Nothing I can do to avoid things, and the timing seems to be about right. Add to all of that, my retirement from doing things that I enjoy…namely work. But it will have to be handled in the way it should, when it should.

In the meantime, its time for me to get back on to my Ovate Gwers work. Namely from the beginning. I have been away from Ovate Gwers work for so long, that restarting it seems to be the best plan to get back into things. Its not the direction I would have preferred to go, but its the best direction for me to undertake. A bit of a disappointment, but its the right things to do. Plus, I’ll have the time to get back with other Druids next month…a bit of a jump-start, if you will.

So, with this change in lifestyle will also come a change in how I wish to live the back part of my life. Here in Arkansas, there’s not a ton of Pagans to be around. But that isn’t going to stop me from being who I am. It just means a little harder work. And a whole lot more of solitary existence. None of which means anything too bad for me. 🙂

–T /|\

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

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