My Druidry Has Very Little Room for Politics

There’s just so much to not bother with in the news. Tons of political commentary, tons of political posturing, tons of commentary on the posturing. There are times – and its quite frequent over the last six months – where I feel like a kid moving the broccoli and cauliflower all over my plate. Essentially I spend most of my time just avoiding the foods that I don’t want to eat. And to be honest, I’ve grown a bit tired of it.

I have many friends who spend lots of time hip-deep in political commentary, and whatever the newest protest movement is at the moment. I completely grow the perspective that this is part of their personal makeup. Politics dovetails into what they do. Its a part of their everyday walk on their Path. And personally, I think its really awesome for them.

For me, and possibly many others, its an emotional drain. And at times, it can be a complete mental drain as well. Yes, there is a certain need to stay “up” on what is going on in the political world. Yes, there are some protest movements that curve into my own spirituality. And in those instances, I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone working the same side of the road with me on an issue. So rather than pour anything more beyond these three paragraphs, I’d rather spend the rest of this post talking about some of the stuff that inspires me.

I live about eleven miles away from my daily job. I live a similar distance from the Texas-Oklahoma border. In other words, I moved from the suburbs of the DFW Metro-Mess out to the rural areas north of there. My drive to work is a farm road that traverses between several cow pastures. I drive east to work, so the sunrise is something I always see. And while the road is not the greatest in the world, the views are simply amazing. I have managed to follow the travels of the yearly Wheel just by driving to work. This Spring has seen the arrival of a LOT of little calves. They frolic. They run. They jump. They curl up in the grass and go to sleep in the afternoon sun. Over the last few weeks, they have gotten bigger and bigger. They are no longer walking on thin, shaky legs. They have stocky, much thicker legs and bodies.

There are other visitors on my drive. In one stretch of the road, you have to be a bit more aware, as the farmer’s dogs like to chase the cars that go through there. Sometimes they get too close. Earlier this year, one of the dogs had apparently been hit and was lying dead on the side of the road. I really hated seeing that. It reminded me that more than cars, tractors and motorcycles share that little road. From time to time, I see hawks on the fence posts to the pastures. Very regal, very strong features. And then there’s the occasional fox, rabbit, or cat that will dart across the road – traveling from pasture to pasture in their daily existence.


Looking at the tree in my neighbor’s yard from my backyard. Yes, those birds are waiting for birdseed..

But the road’s not the only place where I find solace, inspiration, and that peace of mind that I like to enjoy. All around me are quiet, nearly forgotten corners of north Texas. The Spirits of the Land are strong here in an area only partially touched by the spread of technology. Sitting on my back porch, I can feel the western wind kick up, bringing the promise of rain and stormy weather. Or I can stand at the western end of my pool (and yes I am lucky enough to have a small pool) and watch the sunrise come up over the trees just to the east of me. I have a small stone circle which I built in one part of my yard, where I step outside to honor Crow, Coyote, and Fliodhas. Unlike down in Corinth, the suburb I lived in, it is extremely easy to see the changes in the Wheel here.

I also find inspiration among my fellow Pagans as well. Honestly, online communication is nice, but it doesn’t replace the awesome time spent with folks talking, discussing, and laughing with one another. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to make gatherings in places such as California, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. And every single time I get the chance to meet with other Pagans, I come away energized and recharged. And many of these people have become more than just friends to me, they have become the family I have never had.

Sure, getting wrapped up in politics works for some folks. And I am not saying that one should ignore everything in the political realm. Part of my Druidry is staying aware of the environment around me – even the political one. But politics is not my focus. Honoring the Gods and Goddesses, venerating and remembering my ancestors, working with the Spirits of the Land, learning, reading, living, loving…those are far more important to where I want to be in my Life. Whether I live up to anyone else’s expectations of me doesn’t matter. So long as I live up to my own expectations, remain honest with myself, and continue to grow and nurture my connections to the environment and people around me….that’s what matters. To me.



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