Slowly Coming Back…

Well we made it to the first spot to stop for the blog. Yah. The question is how I am doing at this point. The truth is…not so well. My feelings are a bit stuck. My words are even a bit more stuck…can’t think of any more relevant words. But I am trying my best to make it through my words.

Right now, my blogs are short and focused on me oriented things. This is because I am trying the best that I can. The words do not come as strong as they used to and are definitely not as thickly based as they have been. So far, I’ve made a few transitory steps as I have been writing, but nothing as keenly written as before.

Some of my words have been fairly clean, some have not. Some have been even – to be honest and true – bullshit. This is not my favorite way to write or to get my words out. It is the depth of what I am capable of written at this point.

Some say that this style of written is bullshit towards Paganism. I cannot write towards Paganism; therefore, I cannot write what I am about. This is bullshit. I can write what I am about, I just need to take a little more time to get myself in the gravity well of what it means to write again. I will do the best that I can at this moment in time. Right now is not that time.

I will still write on the days that I can, and take off on the days that I cannot….for the time being. I have had a stroke. I’ve not been pushed to the side. Jut forced to write a bit more. Thankfully, I have this platform to write as I have. Without it, I would not have a place to write my own style. I just have to take my own time to write my own style.


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