Hi everyone. This is the first blog I have tried to write since July. I know that I will need this to help me sort out what has happened. Essentially, what took place was this: I suffered a small stroke in the beginning of July. I am alright, but I have lost some of my functions. I have been told by Pam that I am thinking differently, and some of my thought processes have changed. I cannot think of what these might be, but she assures me that it has. I am not as quick on my feet as I remember myself being in the past, but I attribute that to my age more than a stroke. I know that 57 is not the end-all of life, but I am realizing that I am on the downturn of my life. Enough of that though…

I am bound and determine to be a better person this next year than I have in the past few years. Much of that has to do with my writing and reading skills – both of which have diminished greatly over the past half year. I don’t spend nearly as much time on the keyboard as I have in the past, so much of this is like trying to restart a distribution process again. I have no idea where things are broken until I get things moving again. That process is taking a bit more time than I had thought it would take. So I appreciate everyone’s patience with my thought processes.

I could have restarted this blog back in November, around Thanksgiving. But I decided that this was not the appropriate time to do so, and relented to this point in restarting the blog. I know a lot has gone on in the Pagan blogosphere since I left. Most of it was stuff that I just could not pick myself up to do. So, please understand, I am not trying to come back at blistering pace. I’m just trying to be myself. No one else. What I write here is what I share with everyone.

I’m just glad to be back…


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  1. I’m reading this. And I know you. I know you’ll have thought everything that I want to say, and you’re taking care of yourself as best you can.

    So simply know that I’m sending all my best wishes, distance hugs and love.

    Glad to see you again xx


  2. Tommy, you were so missed. To be honest, I feared the worst. Take care of yourself and live the life you want to. I am always willingly to talk more if you ever need someone.


  3. I have a traumatic brain injury from something else. In the brain injury survivors group, I belong to, we have a lot of stoke people. What you have experienced is what survivors first experience. You remember you could do something, try to do it, and find out things are different.

    You will find your life is in two halves – before and after. It becomes like living at night, and forgetting what day was like. However, living at night is an adventure in itself.

    I started writing a month after my TBI, but that is how I do things. What I have discovered is that things like cursive writing practice helps to heal the brain or at least changes the pathways in the brain.


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