…And Here We Are

…so here we are. Another missed day of posting on Tuesday. A full missed week the previous week….such is life with me. Its not like I forgot. I did. But blaming all of that on what has happened to me in the not-so-distant past just doesn’t sound good. Even though it is the truth. I forgot about the blog from time to time, and when I remember I am headed typically headed to bed. So, I tend to forget…and then gloss it over to the next posting day, forget that day…and so on. I promise I’ll get better – more poised at writing the blogs again. In the meantime, its time to start a new one…

A lot of folks don’t realize this, but its hard to write a blog. I don’t sit at the computer all day – at last not since July of last year. In fact, I spend less than a day at the computer all week these days. I spend even less time doing Pagan things these days. Mostly, because I am just not inclined to do things in that way anymore. I still keep the yearly celebrations. I still do small rituals to celebrate those times, but nothing elaborate. I am mostly a Solitaire Pagan/Druid. and I tend to keep my life that way. And here in Arkansas, I have learned to keep things even more secluded than I did in Texas. There’s not a lot to do here, at least from a Pagan point of view. There are far fewer Pagans in Arkansas than there are in Texas, and even fewer Druids. Life tends to get a little slower than it did when I was in Texas. Maybe that is more of a statement on Texas Pagans versus Arkansas Pagans than anything else.

Another thing that I am getting used to around here is the lack of friends that I have, particularly in the area of face-to-face folks. I have been here a half-year, and still haven’t made any friends. But a lot of that is my own fault. I don’t get out that much in the public world, except to go to dinner with my wife – and then it is just the two of us. But for right now I’ve got my own health issues to deal with.

So here I am, In Arkansas. Sitting here just trying to be a good little Pagan Druid. Bidding my time until life can restart again….but making progress along the way….

One thought on “…And Here We Are

  1. Can confirm, blogging – or writing, or expressing oneself at all – is tough. I haven’t posted in ages. But I’m glad to read this, even if it does make me want to send you a plane ticket to visit here for a while (where you have both friends and Druids!).

    We’re in winter. Hibernation and figuring out what next for the year *hugs*


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