So Quiet

Everything is so quiet right now, and its something that I truly love. No noise from outside the pattern, no messy transactions to be a part of, just quiet. A lot of that comes from being gone for so long. Many people have moved on, thinking that I had quit blogging. That’s not only fine with me, but I also wish them luck in their adventures. My life is very quiet now. In a sense, I have wondered what so many people wanted to get from me. What they wanted to pry from my existence and claim for their own. It took a while to figure it all out, but many of those people are looking for hits on their blog sites – something I can’t provide them with.

Blogging is like an art-form. You either want the hits or you don’t. I don’t. I write this mostly for me, now. This is where I drop posts that have meaning for myself…and no one else. I post them out in the open for folks to read… Some folks are like that. They just want to know what’s going on. Even if there is a big ocean or large amounts of land away. They are interested in me, and want to read what I say. Very rarely do they comment…but some do, and I appreciate that.

So what takes place here in dogpatch USA? Mostly nothing. I keep quiet about what I do and when I do it…well, because so very few people need to know about it. This is not that different from when I lived in Hillsboro, Texas, except that I keep my Paganism to myself. Why? Because not everyone needs to know that I am a Pagan or that I am a Druid. I really want people to treat me no differently than anyone else in the neighborhood. Even despite the fact that I am a Pagan Druid. There are plenty of folks that lead off conversations with statements like “I’m a Southern Baptist” or something like that. I’m happy to make their acquaintance but shaking their hand is about as far as I’ll go. Simple as that.

But that begs the question of how I’ve met Pagans while I have been here. I can’t say that there is much difference. I tend to balance my life as best that I can, but I haven’t gone out of my way to meet Pagans…yet. I have spent much of my last eight months here in Arkansas trying to stay balanced, and keeping up with my family and my closest friends. That hasn’t left much time to get caught up in the Pagan life here in Arkansas. Hospitals are where I spend the majority of my time, and no one asks about my politics or my religious beliefs there.

So, that’s about it for this part of my life. Fairly boring and mundane. But there’s more to come in the future. In the meantime, I’m still me….and still surviving…

–T /|\

2 thoughts on “So Quiet

  1. I’m constantly perplexed by people who follow in the hopes of a follow back – I see it a lot on Twitter, people with 10k and more followers, most of whom aren’t even slightly interested in them. It’s entirely pointless. This whole internet malarky works so much better when people show up for what interests them and don’t obsess over the numbers.

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